Rowan van As

3D Viewer, New clothingline made in Groningen during residency Wearables at SIGN

In september 2022, I did the WEARABLES recidency, organised by SIGN in Groningen. SIGN organises projects for young artists. Since my mother comes from Groningen, i visited the city since a young age now and then. This is why i have memories of Groningen since i was a kid. With this mindset of looking at things that are there for a long time i wandered around the city and took inspiration from logos and other graphic material, like a 3D viewer that layed around for years and then you look at it again, unchanged, but matured by time. As an extra in the show, i ordered custom made 3D viewers with pictures of Groningen and Rotterdam selected by me, that i also used for the clothing designs.
For example i made a suit with stamps from a Philatelic Association (stampcollectors shop). The shop is there already for decades probably, since its members are in there late 70s. It was a nice encountering, and i bought hundreds of old stamps from all over the world, and made a suit out of it by scanning them and let them be printed on fabric by a print on fabric company called House of U. During this recidency i took two sewing lessons from Esther at studio Draadkracht, so i can finally make clothes myself. But at Draadkracht i also met Assane, a pro sewer from Senegal, he helped me with making 3 suits. The others i made myself. At the fashionshow that i organised on 29 september at the location ‘Moshpit of creation’ the models and fellow artists Elias, Alex and Leon supported the show. Big thanks to them. And also ofcourse thanks to Ron, Mariejeanne, and Klaas, the people of SIGN. And Chiara of moshpit of creation who provided the workspace as a satallite location of SIGN.
Me and Assane with left a suit based on a photo of the Jewelryshop Prins Gold in Rotterdam. It has a fascinating facade in the pre war Art Deco style, but painted totally white and red. Its really beatiful, totally my style. It should get a monumental status, so its not allowed to paint grey in the future.
Did a little show at SIGN, peeling potatoes, to turn into fries at the ship Of Klaas and Mariejeanne. Would fancy them right now.
Made a fly as a brosh for the fly suit made from insect screen as seen on the right of the next picture out of sunglasses.
Here i wear the suit with imagepattern from a kids hip hop bag with images of New York in the background.
Paper suit, just like the paper suit made by pop artist James Rosenquist in the 60s.
Alex wearing the Collagesuit, made of ‘coronaplastic’ bought at Bauhaus fully stitched with images from books and newspapers that i found at thriftstores like Mamaminis; Groningens legendary secondhandshop with multiple branches. Groningen is the secondhandshop capital of the Netherlands.
Elias Elgersma, known as performer Huub Prins and his band The Homesick. Wearing the Prins Gold Jewelryshop suit. He made cool movements with his hands like a mimeplayer.
detail of the plastic collagesuit
Leon throwing all the stamps on the audience, Leon is a sounddesigner and musician.
The models Leon, Elias, and Alex.
Fabric with the logo of SPAM, during the show i sang the song SPAM of Monty Piton with Ron. The fabric was draped around the bench, resulting in a cheap/simple tv show setting.
Another photo i used to make a pattern with, but its not yet a suit. Copyright is the copyshop of Groningen, a funny wordplay.