Rowan van As

IMACO EPISODE #4, Say goodbye to the gull

The fourth video premiere of IMACO (The Imaginary Art Collective) in which four artists explore what objects mean to us and when it’s time to let go of them. IMACO is a project by WORM Rotterdam.

Video credit: MINTRotterdam

After my performance i was delighted to bring home a nice work by Toine Klaassen

Toine and Lin in the backstage of Worm after their performance in the Ubik room

Storyteller Marta Fransozo (art productions intern)

Rotterdam is a city full of seagulls and so is the Zeeuwse island, Schouwen-Duiveland where Rowan comes from; a place surrounded by beaches where, as a kid, he would go to the beach and look for stuff that had drifted ashore. This is how during the interview we embark on a journey through the memory of Rowan.

When I listen to his story, beautiful images come to mind, almost from an ancient and distant, fantastic time. Quite a lot of Rowan’s sculptures are reminiscent of the sea, but are connected to life in the city.